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The Cultural Association Harmony consists of a group of free citizens, who consider respecting nature a cultural model opposed to social models of consumerism and “secularism”, nowadays dominant. Nature is the greatest gift God gave us and not a mere abstract idea. Respecting nature is to consciously rediscover humanity ’s privileged role of responsibly living in harmony with the Creation, with others and with his Self.The purposeof the associationis not onlyto help learningand experiencing this way of thinking and living,but alsoto helpspreading it among young and old people alike. Young people without positive teachings are in danger under bad ideologies as well as old ones that risk to forget Inner values learnt during their youth while spending their lives in a frantic and consumeristic way.


In the countryside near Camposampiero (province of Padua, near Venice) there is an areaspontaneouslyreturned in its natural state. It’s a bit hidden, 20.000square meters areabetweenlarge spacesof farmland that’s rich in ponds, embankments,crops, reeds and beds. In this area in the past people dugclay pitsand then left it abandoned afterexploitation. Natural springs and canals from “Rustega” and “Muson” little rivers afterwards filled the ponds and the vegetation grown up freelyandvigorously, housingwildbirds and other animals as well as fishes in the ponds ofthisundisturbed shelter. This place is now called KAILASH OASI ARMONIA. YogArmonia’s members cleaned up all the area from dirt, debris and trash and then planted trees, bushes, flowers, medicine herbs and hedges, built green pathways between earth, plants and water.

Every little bit ofawareness over thewonders ofcreation is a strengtheningof thenaturalreligious need existing in every man.

Armonia isa proposal for getting in touch withSpiritandNature; isthe answer to the need to createaround ustheconsciousnessof the”True” withoutbigotryandfanaticism, being aware that there isinterdependencebetween manand progress. But woeto the man whoget carried awayby the progress, or -worse- that puts others down to progress and leaves his fellowsin the”mud”. This is an insult to mankind and consequences are paid by all humanity.

The Oasis Kailash Armonia is open on Saturday morning for those who intend to visit and / or collaborate in its maintenance work, for arrangement, cleaning etc.

Those interested can contact Chiara at tel. +39 348.5406866