Yoga for children

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Centri estiviYears ago local schools of all degrees were invited at the exhibition focused on local natural environment and wildlife held at Oasi Armonia ‘s site. Teachers and students have been able to enjoy the exhibition and had also the possibility to experience yoga lessons, which they enjoyed very much.
Due to this very positive experience Yogarmonia ‘s yoga courses have been then successfully introduced in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools of the province.

These yoga lessons have a playful approachto this ancientdiscipline involvingchildren and educatorsin an interestingjourney of re-discovery of relationships and One Self.
Children learn as a play yoga techniques for well-being and harmony of body and mind.     Such techniques are postures (called asanas), dances, various types of breathing (called pranayma), relaxationand meditation.   During these lessons Children experiencetheir own energies as well as the group energy:the Energy thatunites all of themduringexercises, games, dancesand during the momentsof inner Silence.