What Yogarmonia is

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Since 1981 Marioji is Master of Yogarmonia, the Yoga of the Rishis, of awareness.
Since then increasing numbers of people have found and still rediscover in the art of yoga and in the personality of Mario Attombri a proposal for a life aimed at the health of one’s being and at the self-knowledge.
In Yogarmonia, In fact, the person is considered in its entirety and -through the practice of yoga and meditation- body, mind and spirit complete in a Oneness that only can give the Peace, the sense of our role in Life and the deep meaning of Existence. Some key elements of this approach-vision are: attention to the person in a holistic sense; not merely focusing on diseases, causes, symptoms, systems and organs.The focus is indeed on the person-Being and on the environment, aiming to rebalance rather than cure, to stimulate self-healing.

Conferring honorary degree.

laurea honoris causa
laurea honoris causa

For this project and for his work over thirty years teaching Yoga, on January 24, 2009, at the Cultural Foundation “Université J. Europeanne Monnet A.I.S.B.L. Brussels” to the Master Mario Attombri is conferred, honoris causa, the title of “Grand Maitre de Yoga” and in recognition of his expertise in the field of naturopathy and homeopathy he also received the prestigious “Doctorat honoris causa in “Non-conventional Medicine”.

On the same occasion Yogarmonia is recognized and certified at European level through the establishment of the Yogarmonia school “Yoga of the Rishis and of the alchemical transformation of man”, founded by M. Attombri.

In Oasi Armonia site (in Rustega di Camposampiero province of Padua) and at the Sports Palace of Noale (province of Venice), Mario offers every year Yogarmonia regular courses, meetings of meditation and prayer open to everybody. He also annually conducts two major yoga classes “Rediscover YourSelf” (one in February and one in November) each lasting one whole week.