Il Soffio

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“I called this newspaper‘s ‘il Soffio because the breath of life gives rise to and supports energy during its course. May this be symbols of hope and nurture creativity, communication and harmony that are the life of each of us”.  Marioji

 Here are some important articles that appeared in our magazine.


Many centuries ago one of the greatest avatar was Pharaon Akhenaton. His assignment on the earth was to enlighten people and to take them along the difficult path of knowing God. His name means “helpful with Aton”. He was a spiritual and mystic teacher. This “great human being” perceived that the temple his people attended was becoming everything except a place of prayer, of spiritual growth, of practices, of meditation and inner research, changing the religious tradition and trying to organize a different society. What especially upset him were the priests of the temple who were paid by people to pray for them. The priests played the game, of course….Continue reading..