Il Soffio 31 (ingl.)

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Many centuries ago one of the greatest avatar was Pharaon Akhenaton. His assignment on the earth was to enlighten people and to take them along the difficult path of knowing God. His name means “helpful with Aton”. He was a spiritual and mystic teacher. This “great human being” perceived that the temple his people attended was becoming everything except a place of prayer, of spiritual growth, of practices, of meditation and inner research, changing the religious tradition and trying to organize a different society. What especially upset him were the priests of the temple who were paid by people to pray for them. The priests played the game, of course.
For this reason Akhenaton turned the cultural system and the clergy upside down. The clergy was considered unworthy of its assignment and the people too. He tried to explain to them that prayers and research were inner practices. However during these last centuries people had the idea and belief that another person could pray and follow the spiritual path for them something that is instead up to each individual man or woman. Nobody can take the place of somebody else. Nobody else can replace you. Despite all this priests have become a noble caste and have destroyed the teachings of the “lunatic for God”, as many considered him. Fortunately the thought of that great soul has remained in a part of mankind who has understood that man can change himself only if he considers himself entirely divine: the one who creates and destroys, in short “you yourself” (D.IO).

Why this digression about Akhenaton? Because after the last journey in India two months ago with many of you, I saw things I can’t keep quiet about even if some of you in the New Age ashrams that we visited were worried about (fully conscious of an inevitable confrontation) telling me: “We will not throw tomatoes on our heads”. It means: “not to criticize ourselves”. Personally I do not criticize anybody and I certainly do not throw tomatoes either. I have already shot arrows and gunshots in former lives and believe me this has been enough. However I can not be silent or pull the wool over my eyes and not see the reality around me when it, in one way or another, envolves humanity and even more the people I love. They and I for a very long time together hand-by-hand have found God in ourselves. All these people are in my heart along with all humanity. Only for this reason I’m here among you.
I know I am rough, archaic and rustic but I can not hide the plain and harsh truth from you. It has never crossed my mind to throw tomatoes at you but your ears I can tug at, when you mistake me for some new personalities, pseudo-gurus with a smile on their lips and you think or even worse you say: “At the end he is like Marioji”. But here you are wrong.

I can not give you enlightenment in 21 days and I can not quote you a price. If there is something that I can give you it is love and the way to work on yourself even if it is hard work. Certainly, as has happened before, somebody will fall into the trap of “avidya“.

I have seen “cosmic human beings” in meditation: they are only actors, tools in a guru’s hands. The number of “cosmic human beings” has to grow because there is not much time. The enlightened people who will sit in the new and huge temple under construction should reach 64,000 by 2012. They have to launch into the cosmos, I don’t know what, maybe prana and apana! I have seen imbeciles who are waiting to be enlightened because they have paid. Do they not know or do they pretend not to know? They have tried so many ways without finding what they are looking for because they are waiting for something that comes from the outside, of course. They do not realize that everything is inside ourselves.
But to find “the whole” it is necessary to drink a lot of “humble pie” and to be common and normal people. Simple. The Mother loves plain people, people who love and face life experiences to grow and evolve. I have seen these new ashrams! They are useless places where you have the illusion to be humble and enlightened. As a matter of fact, there, you remain what you are with a new mask and unfortunately with two tied slipknots on your Kundalini. Where is the freedom to act for new man, the cosmic human being and the enlightened man? These new age pseudo-gurus stop the true growth of the individual: he would become too dangerous for the world, he would bring freedom and he would be an initiator who walks with his own two legs.

I am worried, very worried about this new spirituality for a fee. Maybe, this is only exhibitionism, the globalization of religions or a sign of people who look for God. For such organizations people who are looking for God are considered poor and unhappy. They just want to get them, take them in and organize them like many microchips. This is the reality! Really disconcerting! Wearing white robes and following five rules or commandments ( no sex – no drinking – no meat – no stealing – always tell the truth) speaks volumes. And women? They are not important, of course! They live separated from men, in their own space. It seems the time of Inquisition. But with a man it is easier: it is enough to give him importance, assign him a task out of the ordinary and he does all he can for the cause. These new and huge centres (in comparison the Vatican is nothing!) are just secret sects. These big centres have only a conformist surface but below they work against real and sacred spiritual research.
And what about their true spiritual research? It is only a research for money that is run by a deceitful clergy that is worse than the old one. At least in the past we knew what they wanted and what they thought.

Where do the true Indian Gurus end up ?
Where do the teachings of Ramana Maharishi, Babaj, Muktananda, Nisargadata, Krishnamurti, Aurobindo, Sai Baba, Osho, Swamij Tiruchi, Maulana Khan and Narayn Das end up? Many of them are dead and now their spirituality is in the hands of guru managers. These guru managers do not know what spirituality is but they know very well the art of catching people and putting them in a room for 21 days to listen to subliminal music. That’s it! The illusion is complete.

You, who attend these associations, who meet other gurus or pseudo-gurus and then came to me with your “little or big bag full of dirt” can stay at home. I am not a dirt eater guru, but a true Guru! I have waited twenty years to tell you this. I have watched you and let you copy me of my own free will and when you have had in mind to create your own centres with Zikr, evening prayers or other things that Armonia does. Do you really know what is Zikr? Try to get informed about what it means to do this without Allah’s permission.
Poor dreamers! Just because I smile and joke and don’t use a very cultivated language, do you think I invent things?
God (Mother and Father) gave me all this. You have only one thing to do: know yourselves. These pseudo-gurus are only waiting for your visit to put their hands on your head and also on your wallet. Do not let anyone put their hands on your heads unless he is a Kristo or an enlightened saint.
If I put my hands on you it is because your mind is wandering.
But thanks to the Mother, who has decided, I do not know why through me, you recover and something positive happens in your brain. The fine line between the right and left hemisphere has been restored thanks to Mother’s will. If a person does not have some requisites such as objective “indifference” for a patient or, better for a follower, that fine line can be broken. Last but not least that sense of being an imbecile and the empty stare make you look like a saint for people, who boast that they know God, but from an expert’s eyes that sense brings people into a spiritual abyss.
The role of pseudo-gurus is fulfilling by helping mankind, by directing, controlling and leading as it likes. It is not difficult to realize that in these New Age groups God is not the centre, the market is. I can not say anything else for now. You are free to do whatever you want but do not let anyone put their hands on you. To be clear, wake up or life will wake you up. I know that these words will make you angry. Very well, in this way you will start to reflect about your behaviour. From the bottom of my heart I hope you will not continue to drink the poison of society and of this New Age spirituality. I will not ever be like that dervish who, tired of staying on the mountain alone who went there because he did not want to drink the poison of society but who, at the end, surrendered, drank and came back to live in this society.
Marioji is a Guru, a true man and a true shaman and I certainly would not drink the poison. I love the mountains, the sea and all its creatures too much and loneliness is my companion. This means to be in company with ourselves. Then not having “mortal sins”, my conscience does not bother me. I sleep, eat and live peacefully waiting for what destiny holds in store for me without being worried.

“How can I recognize a true Guru?” often someone asks me:
There are a few things necessary to recognize him.
He likes to be alone although he is living in the world. If you are a good observer you can perceive that a guru seizes the day, but his Self is in another dimension. Usually he is self-sufficient and does not depend on anybody. If this were not true he could not act or be what he is because some interests would stop him in his pursuits. The places where he lives and practices are full of energy. Whoever feels it, benefits from it without paying any money. He only spends his time there. These places are special like Swamij Tiruchi’s home in Bangalore, Skandashram or the cave where Ramana Maharishi is buried in Arunachala, the Kali of Ana Malaj’s ashram and temple in Arunachala. However each of us has to be an “awakened person” to see – feel – perceive.

Many of you ask me to open Oasi full time.
My beloved, Oasi is a ship sometimes with open sails, sometimes closed, which depends on the wind, on love and the world’s needs. Certainly your prayers will be necessary and we will work for them, but remember the true Oasi is us, our family, the place where we live and where we work. Oasi can not be a refuge for ostentatiously pious fanatics. It is a holy place of prayer where the research of ourselves hand in hand has been followed. As love stories last for years until they become routine, in the same way if Oasi is always open, it would become a place of spiritual market. History will return as during the Akhenaton period when he knew the population paid for enlightenment. What do you think about it? If you want, you can find all this in India, not certainly from Marioji.

Many people ask me for enlightenment or to walk quickly.
In these years don’t you think we walked a lot? Those who came to India, if they are true to themselves, saw and experimented where the Indians are with their rituals and sparkling temples. They do not know what meditation really is. Gurus do not teach them it because they are afraid to give them freedom or something else. So the population of God, of the third millennium, faces the wave of materialism and the spiritual New Age that is sweeping and destroying it.
I am thinking about Swamij Tiruchi’s words when he said to me: “They will come to you to learn true spirituality because you are and will be the One who teaches as a “child” and everybody will understand you.”

I have many defects, everyday I discover a new one, but I can leave you right now without regrets, grudges, or guilt not to have taught you the pure truth. Although I have not used honey and the Divine pill sometimes is bitter the only truth is “know yourself”. Only in this way will you be enlightened.


P.S. If you want to come early, come, I can put my hands on you without asking any money. Between the guru and the disciple there is only love. Between the pseudo-guru and imbeciles there is only illusion and money not thirty but…. a little more .