Foundation “Rosa Splendente” (Bright Rose)

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  • Promotion and training of a new culture of life that brings each human being at the center of his existence (cosmo-culture).
  • Knowledge and development of everyone‘s innate resources to improve the quality of his life.
  • Research and testing of traditional and new methods to promote evolution of people where each person is considered as a unique body-soul-spirit Entity (cosmo-medicine).
  • To raise awareness and consciousness of humanity.
  • To promote the development in the children of ecological culture as well as to improve their intellectual and psycho-spiritual abilities.
  • To promote the cosmo-medicine and healthy nutritional culture and habits.
  • The Protection of nature and environment.
  • To increase the number of places dedicated to the quest for the Inner Self.

If you are healthy and do not need now a place where to find Inner Peace, then help others!

Doing so you will not regret not having made possible the existence of such a place. Maybe you will need a place like that in the future and will blame yourself for not having made it when it was possible, so you will miss it.

What you give is a gift to YourSelf and to mankind.

As a school of life, the Foundation offers a way to the knowledge of the Inner Self, a journey of development of consciousness that everyone can practice to reach and rediscover his cosmic nature.

With this aims the Foundation, thanks to sponsors’ help, was able to buy 280.000 square meters of land in Schievenin (a village in the alpine province of Belluno), where seven little houses will be built as dépendences along the path leading to the “Shining Rose” (Ashram) main building.

It was also possible to get an house in Scorzè (province of Venice) surrounded by sufficient land for the realization of “gardens of Harmony”, for the cultivation of organic vegetables.

This is Life, yoga, Spiritual Path to know our Inner Self here and now.