Finding our Inner Self

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oasi_0001_pStaying in Oasi site, for “ritrovare Se Stessi (finding YourSelf)” courses, you will open up to new knowledge. The energy of the group determines what the Guru program for the entire week. You too can influence with your enthusiasm on the meetings, which will be unique and unrepeatable for you, for everyone. (Marioji)

About ten years ago Yogarmonia started organizing a Marioji ’s project for courses called: “Finding our Inner Self”.
The course is open to everyone and concerns spiritual, mental and physic matters related to the Spiritual Path and everyday life troubles. For example: everyone during his lifetime, sooner or later, has been suffering for various reasons; maybe just feeling uncomfortable with himself, other people or maybe the whole society. The courses last one week and are held in the months of November and February and are structured so that participants can work on themselves to re-harmonize on the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. The program positively affects the whole person and aims in particular to deepen the research of the the Inner Self.
During the courses there is a first phase during which physical exercises associated with breathing techniques are expecially made. In this way It possible to better feel and get in touch with the body, to give it more resistance for further techniques. Then, with the conscious control ad observation of the rhythm of the breath and of the mind, it is then possible to come in contact with the rhythm of Life present in the whole Nature, in the cosmos, and also in Our Selves. This is a way to begin to observe and experience “us” as parts of  the Nature; to get to know and accept what we and others are as a way of healing because, as Mario says, God is within us all, God is Our InnerSelves.
The first step for healing is therefore acceptance. Getting  back in touch and in tune with Mother Nature because “he who turns away from It, he gets sick”. This also means getting back in touch with Our Inner Self, to accept and love Our Self while respecting and caring our bodies and minds that are “our faithful companions for this lifetime.”

The physical exercises and yogic breathing techniques also have the function to balance the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic) that is not under the control of the will; so we can learn how to guide and use them in accordance with our needs.

You can consider the work on the physical plane and the breathing techniques a way of praying. During the days dedicated to “Finding Our Self” also the chanting of mantras (chants with ancestral sounds) have a crucial role. They “touch” deep into our Souls, calm the mind, and through the vibrations they produce, massage the endocrine glands and rebalance their functions, therefore affecting all “body-mind-spirit”. Mantra, physical exercises and breathing are all combined: this is praying with body, mind and spirit all together to restore balance in the psycho-spiritual centers called chakras, thereby achieving harmonization of Body, Mind and Spirit.