Come then come

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Rumi Mevlana used to say to true Sufis:

Come then come
Unbeliever or idolatrous, come
Sick or tired, come
We don’t know despair
Come then come
Even if you’ve broken the rules,
Commandments or ascetic principles, come:
We only seek
Who we really are.
Stand up and don’t worry about this ephemeral world
Be merry, be happy.
If nature, which is female, had been faithful,
Our turn to love would have never come
Our stay in this world is temporary,
To live with no wine and no love would be absurd.
As long as you’ll discuss about who created the world
You can never inebriate yourself with me and my love
Tell me, when we are no more, what matters
knowing who has or hasn’t created the world?
So drink, my beloved
As long as I can pour the wine, drink
You don’t belong to this world,
You’re a wanderer who rejoice in this world