Collective art exibitions

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mostra pitturaBesides its various activities since 2007 the Cultural Association Harmony, in collaboration with the Municipality of Noale, organizes every year a contemporary art collective in the exhibition halls of the Palazzo della Loggia in Noale.

Giving the opportunity to exhibit their work to anyone willing to show, Harmony promotes the Sacred and ancient meanings of “Art” not considered in a commercial way but instead recognized as a Sacred gift of the Spirit that every person can find within himself, grow and mature.

The exhibition is not competitive but inclusive and for this reason there are no prizes to be awarded and anyone who wants to participate is welcomed.

All the arts in their profound essence have always been forms of meditation and prayers through which the individual Spirit finds a way to manifest itself during eons of time. Paintings, sculptures and installations are considered as the artist’s inner meditation by which he gives himself to others, not as self celebrating egoic tools.

Marioji says: “It ‘s now the time that art and artists with their works open their hearts and conscience of the people by encouraging the knowledge and the truth beyond the illusion of materialism. The new artists are the pioneers of the regal art.With their artistic work in all fields of life they have the task of pushing the masses towards the psycho-spiritual knowledge. Usually we do not consider carefully what we do, specially the vibrations used making something that, however, whatever it is, it is the reflection of the light of our soul.We are human beings thinking of the Divine, telepathically joined, homeless. No ideology or religion can prevaricate our creativity, our intuition, our improvisation”.


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